Students of the Round Table:Encouraging Classroom Engagement and Interpersonal Collaboration

Wednesday August 29, 2012


242 Asmundson Hall, Big Jack Hanna Conference Room


A classroom can be thought of as a micro-community, where students have the unique opportunity to engage with one another and with their professor for a limited amount of time. However, it seems that they do not take advantage of this opportunity, choosing instead to sit with the same group of people each time and resisting voluntary engagement in the class altogether. Similarly, it may be difficult for teachers to know how exactly to engage their students in ways that encourage interpersonal skills while staying focused on the topic. This workshop will discuss reasons why students might hesitate in the classroom and with one another, and focus on ways you can develop a curriculum that draws students into a deeper involvement with one another and with the material. Light refreshments provided.

Sir Ken Robinson: Schools, Creativity and Diversity of Learning (we watched an 8 minute segment in the workshop; this is the full talk.)

ARTICLE: The Myth of Learning Styles

Jeopardy Example: