Chalk Bored - Implementing Technology to Engage Students and Redesign Teaching

Wednesday August 15, 2012, 10am-12pm

242 Asmundson Hall, Big Jack Hanna Conference Room

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What role does technology play in your classroom? How can we use technology effectively to enhance learning? From gizmos to gadgets, advancements in the tech world have made their way into our curriculums, affecting the way we teach and the way our students learn. With hands-on demonstrations, this workshop will provide creative tools to share ideas about using classroom technology, with the aim to minimize the TA/faculty workload and enrich student learning at the same time. Expect to leave with skills to help you create more effective PowerPoint presentations, enhance your understanding of online tools like clickers/polls, and an introduction to resources for smartsite, blogs and wikis. Don't forget to bring your laptops! Light refreshments provided.

Poll Everywhere: Free clickers for the classroom!

Results from Summer Session I
Results from Summer Session 2

This tool is a great way to assess student learning, engage your students interest with visuals, or just have fun in the classroom! You can use it as a quick "no-fault" mini quiz after a short lecture to see if your students are getting the material. After they submit their answers, don't give them the right answer--let them talk it out with a partner first. Recent studies have shown that this small step vastly improves student comprehension because it forces them to think about the material in the moment, and a professor can then choose whether or not to move on in the lecture based on student comprehension.