To receive a certificate, you must attend 5 out of 6 sessions, turn in at least one assignment, and respond to the assignment of at least one peer. Overachievers are invited and encouraged to go above and beyond this minimum requirement.

Certificate Policies

Assignments: All assignments are due on Tuesday (at 11:59:59 pm) following the workshop on the Wikispaces Website. Turning in work late can be arranged with either Jamiella or Cutcha, but we will be flexible, in general. The assignments are not intended to be busywork or simple copies of things you have already done, but as tools for you to use as you develop your teaching skills. The ultimate goal of this series is that it will be useful to you.

Feedback: In order to receive the certificate, you must post feedback on the work of at least one of your peers (but you are invited to give more.) Instructions are located on the website. Please comply by the basic guidelines of courtesy for providing feedback: write in complete sentences, be constructive without being overly critical or harsh, be sure to give both positive and negative feedback, and be detailed.

Attendance: You must attend 5 out of 6 workshops. Please remember to sign in at each workshop so that we can keep track of your attendance. You may attend workshops in both Summer Session 1 and 2 (the same series will run in SS2) in order to complete this requirement.