Associate Instructor Development Series (Summer 2012)

Registration is now open for the second summer session series. Register here.

This series of free workshops is designed to help Summer Session Associate Instructors prepare for and teach their own courses. Topics will include implementing technology in the classroom, lesson planning & class time management, assignment & test creation, student engagement & collaboration, classroom management, teaching philosophy, teaching portfolios, CVs, and much more. The format of the class will be a mixture of group discussion and lecture. Come prepared to talk! Everyone’s opinion is equally valued.

Light refreshments will be provided. All are welcome to attend, including graduate student TAs, AIs, postdocs, and faculty. A certificate of completion will be provided to those who attend five out of six workshops, complete one out-of-class assignment, and respond to at least another instructor’s assignment, located on our website.

This workshop series will be repeated in Summer Session II and you may attend workshops during any session to complete requirements for the certificate series.

See the calendar for dates and times or download the syllabus!

Associate Instructor Teaching Consultants Services (Summer 2012)

Types of Teaching Consultations offered (
  • Mid Quarter Interviews: The mid-quarter interview (MQI) is a method of getting anonymous feedback from your students midway through the quarter/summer session. This is not an evaluation, but is strictly a method of obtaining information about your teaching through an anonymous interview of your students. A follow-up consultation is given after the interview. This is helpful if you would like to know how your class is going from your student’s perspective.
  • Classroom Observations: If you would like more information about your teaching skills, your time management skills, your students’ involvement in your course, or your ability to engage all of your students in learning, a classroom observation might be for you. Jamiella or Cutcha will sit quietly in the back of your classroom and take thorough notes on everything she sees. We make an effort to record information that will be useful to you in increasing your teaching effectiveness.
  • Videotaping with Playback Consultation: Frightening as it may be at first thought, a videotape of your teaching is an incredibly valuable tool to help you become a clearer, more effective communicator. Intended to improve your teaching skills, and largely your presenting skills, videotapings help capture on camera your precise words and habits while presenting information. All videotapings are accompanied by a consultation with Jamiella or Cutcha.

Associate Instructor Teaching Consultants (Summer 2012)

Jamiella Brooks: AITC JB 2.jpeg

As-salamu alaykum! I'm your Summer Sessions AITC. I am a third-year Ph.D. student of French with an interest in African (North and West) literature and film. In addition to studying French, I've studied Spanish and Arabic and hope to one day become some kind of polyglot. I've developed a passion for teaching from my mother, an elementary school teacher, and am inspired by her tireless efforts to improve the lives of her students. So far I have taught high school in France and on the East Coast, middle school in southern California, French here at UC Davis, and now I am learning to be a parent of my 6 month old, Amaris. I am always intrigued by the many different kinds of ways teachers approach the act of teaching, and look forward to working with you all to improve your Summer Session teaching experience.

Cutcha RisliIMG_4732.JPGng Baldy: Hey:yung! I'm a third-year Ph.D. student in Native American Studies with a DE in Feminist Theory and Research. My research is largely interdisciplinary and incorporates my interests in Native American society, politics, literature, and California Indians. I am an enrolled member of the Hoopa Valley Tribe with ties to the Yurok and Karuk peoples. I also have my M.F.A. in Fiction and Literature from San Diego State and my BA in Psychology from Stanford University. I am also the Executive Director of the Native Women's Collective (a Native arts and cultures nonprofit organization). I have previously been an Associate Instructor for NAS 5: Native American Literature and also taught creative writing courses and workshops on Grant Writing. This summer I look forward to meeting other AIs and helping them to develop skills that can carry them throughout their careers.

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